The Town

Away from the madding crowd, in a small pocket bordering two States, lies a town. The town is populated by farmers and clergymen.

The land is made of dusty roads, fields of paddy, maize, wheat and a small forest cover. There are two religious buildings on either side of the town. One is a chapel and the other a temple, which has a roof held by four pillars and an idol of a deity at the center.

The town is governed by officials from the only official establishment, the post office. The post office also provides the formal education till grade 10. Those who wish to study further, migrate either North or South, to the more urbanized towns from the two States.

The milkman is the only townsman, returned back, after pursuing further education in the city of the North State.

He says, “I became the milkman, the same way the politicians receive their designation, through nepotism”.

Stories that occur and have occurred in this town, documented by the writings of the milkman are titled, “The Milkman’s World”.

You are welcome to be a reader of it.


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