The New Resident

The Carpenter
Delivery: ½ litre daily
Mode of payment: mostly cash, seldom through kind.
Two seasons prior to the monsoon, the town welcomed a new resident into its small community, a migrant from the southern state. He was almost an old man, a Christian, related (in some way) to the doctor who had recently passed away. Occupying the house of the late doctor close to the church on the southern tip of the town, the man would continually be cutting, shaving and shaping wood.

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During routine deliveries, the priest (who loves to gossip) told me that the man was a carpenter and the late doctor’s brother.

Every Monday and Friday, the carpenter would ride his rickshaw to the adjacent village and sell the furniture he’d made. He always took his cat along with him.

One day while making the deliveries he asked me to increase the quantity of the milk to a litre, the reason, “it turns out my male cat is not a male”. It was obvious; the need for milk was going to increase, since his family did as well.

It is safer to avoid walking on the roads where he rides his rickshaw now, he’s got two cats and a litter in there with him!

– The Milkman 1997


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