The Lives of Others



The Transporter
Delivery: Nil
Payment: N/A 

During the growing years of the milkman, when he was in grade 8 of the post-office school. An opportunity appeared. A long weekend from school and a two-day employment offer from the transporter, given the harvest season, which would allow him to explore a neighbouring village/town, probably more city-like.

In the middle of the ninth month, harvest was booming and the 5 trucks that transport the produce were working in full capacity. For one of the trips, one man more was needed, and the milkman became that man. That trip was a lesson of great importance that would shape the milkman’s future decisions.

IMG_5218.JPGThe transporters, or rather transporter and his drivers, are popular amongst townspeople. They transport the harvested produce to the neighbouring vegetable markets. And before every journey the transporter is asked to bring some sweet from one village or a shawl or some tool from somewhere and so on.

Out there is a life beyond self-sufficiency and meagre commerce and if not for implementation I want to experience it to quench my thirst of curiosity.

Wrote the milkman, in the first of many stories that would be added in his journal.


– Milkman 1984



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