The Atheist



The Atheist
Delivery: 1/4 litre of milk (x 2)
Payment: Accounts dealt by father 



Religion in the town is quite lenient. It preaches to be a pathway of spirituality and that’s about it. And among all the residents there is also an atheist, at least according to the catholic and temple priest.

An old man he is, the atheist, living with his wife in the secluded part of the town, which opens up to the sea. His wife does attend mass every Sunday, rarely speaks of her husband though. His is the only house that my father insists on delivering the milk to personally.

However, in one of the rainy months, father caught the flu. Work wasn’t possible and nor was the delivery. So he asked me to make the delivery.

The road to the man’s house is frequented by very less and hence most find it unfamiliar. It was the most scenic part of the town though. While there is beauty in the landscapes, the open sea somehow always seems more attractive.


On arriving to the house, I waited with his delivery of two packets, each a quarter litre of milk. I went on to the back of the house that opens to the sea since no one tended to the door for over 10 minutes.

I saw the old man, sitting on a chair facing the ocean, with the winds blowing hard towards us. I screamed, “MISTER, I HAVE THE DELIVERY FROM THE MILKMAN!!”

He nodded in reply and gestured to keep it by the front door. I did as he told and waited. He came out from the front door and paid me.

“Why don’t you believe that God exists?” I asked him.

He replied, “I very much do believe that he exists, I met him down at the sea,” he then concluded, “if a man owns a boat, he doesn’t need church.”


– Milkman 1992




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