The Bell Seller  



The Bell Seller
Delivery: N/A
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A resident in only the cooler months of the year, the ‘bell seller’ is the nomadic eccentric character of town. The youth see him to be a wise philosopher, and the rest of the residents identify him as a symptom of winter.

The catholic priest calls him “a probable candidate of religion fraud”. While the youth, due to his travels and statements, consider him wise.

“The difference between me and a resident is the same distinction you make between obligation and desire” – the bell seller says.

During the time, when the milkman duties were first bestowed upon me, the bell seller, with his bells, would walk with me on my routes.  It wasn’t an imposing thing, but rather awkward. He stopped after a few weeks; just as I had started to expect his company on the deliveries.

We never did speak on the deliveries, they were silent walks.


– Milkman 1991


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