The History Writer / Teacher 
Delivery – 1 litre every other day
Payment – Cash 

“Those who refuse to change with time are left behind time, and that is a not a place where anyone should be,” he said. He was from the city of the north state. And had a lot to say, but not many from the town could understand him. He was invited to teach the children in the Post Office school. The people called him the History Writer; the children called him “teacher”. I had graduated just the year before the History Writer’s arrival.

Everybody was of the opinion that the man had no manners in social matters. It was probably since the teacher was always by himself. Mingling with town’s people and others only when necessary.

IMG_7510.jpgHe was a heavy smoker, but preferred to smoke in private, away from prying eyes.

One evening, less than a month before the harvest season, I met him while heading home. He was lighting his cigarette.

I went up to him and asked him why he came to the town if he wanted it to change,
He replied, “because I am a man of contradictions.”
“How so?” I inquired further,
“I love the backwardness of the town and yet I preach it to apply the progressive change”, he concluded.

I didn’t bother to ask anything more because I couldn’t decipher the answers he gave.

After a while, silence filled up the space after the dialogue, and he shared his thought out loud.

“There are those who can adapt to change and make history by either making good or bad of the progress, I am not one of them, hence I write history.”

– Milkman 1983


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