On a rather melancholy day, during a feast-less and eventless season for the catholic priest, I approached him to seek advice. Certain matters of the heart with brain conflict needed to be discussed.

IMG_4286.JPGHe was sitting on the grass and looking up at a stone cross that had a beautiful backdrop of clouds and a bright blue sky. The priest heard me and continued to stare at the clouds, as if waiting for some divine intervention. He has an informal style, he is also the biggest gossip in town, and so I had to be as vague as possible.

He began,
“Back home, in the higher college, I studied History and Philosophy. After graduation I got my calling and joined the seminary and studied and practiced my theology. Then when I was ready after many years, I preached it.”

There was a brief silence; he was still facing the cross. I waited patiently and became respectful to his personal monologue.

“History has facts. Philosophy has various thoughts of inquiry and so does theology. With arguments and counter-arguments that can last as long as the energy the person has.”

Another brief moment of silence, everything became slow. The wind blew confusing breeze mixed alternating between cool and warm. I looked to the church.

He resumed,

“Feelings aren’t facts. But facts aren’t relevant anymore. I don’t preach through theology. I preach through feeling and emotion. Because ultimately, even the most intellectual and aware person will do what he or she feels.”

Then I sat next to him in silence, and stared at the cross.

– Milkman 1986

Best read while listening to Oh Daniel by Civil Twilight 


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