After “Forever”

...the heart, as the poets would say, then sank into the deepest ocean and all the feelings died. 

"Forever" seduced the heart and the heart fell. When it fell, there 
was no one to catch it, not her, forever. 

The heart was destined to be deceived. Knowing that it would beat even after, it was ensured that the injury inflicted was grave.... 


The man spoke suddenly, while rowing the boat, “dwelling in the past is choosing to be in the darkness instead of the light of the present”, assessing the milkman’s eyes he continued slowly, “live in the present, and for the future, for those living in the past are no longer with you..”

“Why does it persist then.. the past?” the milkman questioned.

“Everyone knows the reasons, but they choose to overlook it”, concluded the boatman.


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